Assembly Line

Hmmm, I thought, this could get interesting. That line of bikes arrayed outside the Green Bike Program's studio/shop at Pitzer College, survived the summer intact, and with students having begun to arrive for the past week, or so, someone has got to get them in working order. Then I looked a little further to the ramp, and beyond that, the large trash bin. I noticed a potential procession. Repair the bikes, enough to make them rideable. Then comes the test phase, full speed over the ramp. If the bike survives in one piece, success, ready for a new student owner. If, on the other hand, the bike breaks in two, or three, or more pieces, it gets striped of useful parts and a final toss into the bin.

Well, I don't believe that is the real process, but it could be. Bummer I never made it around to interview the director of the Green Bike Program after he contacted me last academic year. A new year, a new opportunity? Maybe.