Slow Sunday Scenes: Obi-Wan, Our Only Hope

There was no lack of bicycle travelers in the Village Sunday morning, indeed there may have been more than normal. Normal; that is an important word in bicycle advocacy. Just as the great masses of recreational cyclists have helped to make it normal to expect to see bicyclists out on the roads, so too do cyclists dressed in everything from cutoffs to baggie shorts, teeshirts, blouses, and pantaloons help to normalize two-wheeled, human-powered transportation for everything from few-minute errands to longer work commutes.

On any given Sunday, if I am not mistaken refers to football. But since that activity is a third of a year in duration, it might just be better applied to cycling. On any given Sunday riders of all types, varying experience and ability, riding a menagerie of mechanical machines converge on the Claremont Village. They come in for breakfast, to shop, for the farmers' market, to socialize, just to enjoy being outside. How can something that is so normal on one hand, seem so revolutionary on the other?

closing the gap

arriving 1

arriving 2

arriving 3

moon over rhino

seen on the community bulletin board, self-explanatory

arriving 4

arriving with musical instruments

arriving by schwinn

leaving with flowers

the well-dressed cyclist