Peppy with the PVBC

Where were you? Emphasis on where, were, and you. Some people showed up, but it was Tuesday, and there should have been more. Were you watching the RNC? Please, that is just a gigantic pep rally, and you are not going to learn anything there (and fair being fair, you won't learn anything by watching the DNC either. Pep rally too).

If you had joined the PVBC tonight you would have stood a much better chance of ending the day better informed and, thus, better off. The meeting of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition was preceded by an easy (emphasis on easy) ride around Bonelli, just enough to, maybe, let you enjoy a guilt-free, brewed beverage at the La Verne Brewing Company where the evening meeting took place. You would have been better informed because Doug, of Cycling Around La Verne, gave a quality talk about, well, about the state of cycling in La Verne. You would have found out about the upcoming Bike-in-Movie being sponsored by the PVBC, and about Safe Routes to School funding from a genuine Caltrans employee. You could have learned even more by spending a few minutes to talk to the local bike shop owner, the verifiable original PVBC member, the Pomona educator looking for knowledgable bicyclists to help at their own movie night, and the CSBG rider who is also active on Claremont's Transportation Commission. 

And then there were the rest of us who were simply there for a ride and a beer. Which is alright; we seat-fillers have a role to play too.