Making an Impact

You know, I don't get out to the road races like I used to, but if I did, I would be seeing riders from a team in orange and white stepping up to the podium on a regular basis. They are very good at what they do. Impact Racing p/b 1 on 1 Financial believes in more than just having a good ride, however. They believe in helping others to have a good ride as well. To that end the team regularly donates to various causes. For instance, and during the first half of this year alone, the team contributed funds to the Bear Valley Trails Foundation to help maintain the Skyline Trail up at Big Bear, and another significant donation to the Marshall Canyon Service Project. On this Sunday many of the team rode into the Village to present Rio Olympian Samantha Bosco (member of the Paralympic cycling team) with a big $500.00 check to help defray the cost of transportation to the Summer Games. 

Though I had planned to be present at some point during the day-long fundraiser, I was especially pleased that my timing coincided with the arrival of the Impact guys and gals. The moment was a classic example of the meaning of community, coming together to help a fellow member meet a goal.

All day long, everyone who bought a bagel, a sandwich, a cup of coffee at 42nd Street Bagel Cafe in Claremont, and whether they were aware of it or not, were making an impact with 20% of their purchase. That is significant and deserving of recognition. Now, I couldn't take photos of all those people but I am going to guess that they are just as proud as the team in orange and white, to extend a helping hand in true meaning of community.

Impact Team riders with Samantha and Andrew Bosco