Ibis Nights: Tree 2012

"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky." - Kahlil Gibran

Normally a Tuesday ride (because there don't seem to be any other regular local rides happening that night) Ibis Nights fell on a Wednesday this week. Not that Ibis Nights are not flexible, and often vary between the three most mid-week evenings. Anyway... tree 2012 - though its massive branches (veritable trees in their own right) begin to diverge from the trunk way down low to the ground, and kind of create the impression that the tree may not be all that big, those splayed branches give this tree a big and far-flung canopy. Slightly off the Cross Town Loop's beaten path Tree 2012 can only be approached by crossing an extensive sink of leaf litter. I had no ruler to pull out of my jersey pocket, but I an confident that sink exceeded six inches, and probably more than eight in places. Much as sand makes it exceedingly difficult to pedal, so too do leaf sinks; without any momentum, and with little leafy twigs sprouting from between my spokes, I was quickly brought to a standstill while trying to make my way to that patch of day's last light.

The weekend is here and, hot as it is going to be, get out and enjoy what life has to share.