Better Late than Never?

You know, I had initially hoped to do this story a long time ago, I mean the consummation of months of community meetings, design and inevitable revisions, happened in October of last year. I could never find a good link to provide, though, which gave an adequate description of all that transpired, and will come about over the next many years, that will transform Claremont's section of Foothill Boulevard into a complete street. Anyway, the story was put on the back-burner, and eventually forgotten about. Fortunately the good people at Streetsblog LA somehow got wind of it and wrote their own story, which was then picked up by Ted at Biking in LA and, closer to home, by Doug at Cycling Around La Verne (both of whom are good folks in their own right). Beyond these there were original stories in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and multiple ones in the Claremont Courier (in fact if I looked back through posts at Bicycle Revolution I would probably find something there as well). After all that, and still not being able to find photos of very many of the design illustration boards (of which there had to have been a plethora), and knowing that I can't fool anyone this far after the fact, I am billing this as one of those "better late than never" posts. 

Well at least I can look forward to being more punctual with follow-up of the actual construction process. Good things are on the way...

Foothill Boulevard looking west, just west of Mills Ave.
Harvey Mudd College to the left, Bernard Field Station on the right.