Johnson's Pasture

It has been a loooong time since last I did the Wilderness Park loop, with the Johnson's Pasture out-and-back tacked on for good measure. With rain clouds threatening to spill out of the sky I figured it was a good day to do some riding closer to home. Sometimes change up there in the hills is quick, other times it is drawn out, gradual, maybe imperceptible. Much of Johnson's Pasture is as I remember it in the past - the same eroded ruts are still rutted, outcrops of bedrock are still hard, soft spots are still sandy. Mostly it has been the passage of people that has created change - new forks in a trail, swooped embankments. I am happy to note that, for all the people who pass along up in the hills these days, the trails are amazingly clean. I am guessing I can thank Claremont parks personnel for that.

I notice that the Dirty Chain Gang plan to ride Marshall Canyon and the CHWP tomorrow, but I had so much fun with City Cross, the Shoreline Crit, music, vintage bike show, food and all, at the Long Beach Bike Festival last year, that it has long been the top of the option list for Saturday. Have a great weekend, whatever you do.

Potato Mountain (to the right, above the handlebars) is low enough to be in the clear, but Sunset Peak and everything higher, were obscured this morning.

Why are storm clouds so much more dramatic when viewed over a vast open space, like the ocean, a plains or, in this case, the Pomona Valley.

Lone Tree Hill

I have always called this, otherwise unnamed side trail, the Point of Pines for obvious reasons. And, perfect timing, the sun split the clouds for a few minutes.

Did I go down Webb today? N. O. spells NO. I like my arms and legs in their current orientation.

This I can do all day, any day.

Pobrecito - I guess the road to the left is not worthy of a name.

Seems way early for poison oak to be turning red, but that is exactly what this bit has gone and done.