Identify Yourself

blowing the shofar in preparation for Lag b'Omer, perhaps. I don't know.

"Hey, Chef Travis," I said. "Huh, what? Who is this Chef Travis, and why are you calling me by that title and name?" I imagined his response, and so I, quickly and quietly, decided against saying anything on that topic. Never-the-less, the riders, or at least one of them, looked familiar - the beard, the tattoos, the Coates kit. One of them, though not the one I believed to be Chef Travis, even wore the special Pappas Artisanal / Coates kit. I had, momentarily, stopped at the upper end of the SGRT before heading on down when I saw the two riders coming up the road. They first tried cutting through the dirt lot to reach the trail, but then turned and came up to the yellow gate where I was, instead. Three dudes wearing the same shop kit was enough to warrant an official greeting. That is when the thought that the one looked familiar crossed my mind. Shortly the second rider checked his watch and announced that they only had an hour to get back and would need to ride fast. So, there were departing words - "have a good ride" - you know, and they took off. Now with their back to me I  noticed the Pappas logo imprinted in ink on the left calf of the one, and knew for sure. Thirty seconds passed and they hadn't made much ground, and I though, "that's fast? Maybe there is a photo op in this after all" (since I missed the first one) and kicked off after them. They soon picked up the pace, however, and the lack of a photo here should tell you how the pursuit went.

Have a good weekend.

a little moisture on the ground and a long, colorful ribbon, like a snake has shed its skin.

no problem identifying this stink bug, or at least that is what we called them as a kid. I can't say as that I have ever noticed any unusual scent coming from them though.