From the Archives: Long Beach Series Criterium, 1995

I can't be positive anymore, but this may have been the final race in the Long Beach series for the 1995 year, although the field in the background looks awfully green for summer. Anyway, yes that is your intrepid racer, me, in the prime spot at the center of the photo. Barely visible, and with his back to the photographer is, I believe, Super Dave Ward. The third Xtremist, I think but am far from positive, may be Chris Burgeson. If this was indeed the series finale, there were, at least, eight riders from Team Xtreme in the race attempting to ensure Mitch Boggs won the series overall, so I suppose everyone else (including Bill Torres, Nelson Ape, Marco Quintero, and George Lopez) were scattered around the bunch awaiting the start. As you know, from previous From the Archives features, Mitch did ride away with the Series championship. Success!