Cycling Claremont: Going Green

Although the observant folks at Cycling Around La Verne noticed the green lane markings on east-bound Baseline at Monte Vista / Padua some time ago, short sections of green bike lane have, otherwise, been appearing around town quietly and without fanfare. Last night I finally got around to photographing one - the recently installed / painted lane on south-bound Monte Vista at Claremont Blvd. I could see using the lane if that light were red. However considering the width of the green lane, and being well aware that speeds on Monte Vista regularly exceed the 40 / 45 mph limit, I would prefer to not allow moving vehicles on both sides of me at that point .

I certainly appreciate the added prominence the green paint provides, but it is not much wider than my handlebars, and I am just not sure of the benefit when traffic is moving at the posted speeds. Keep in mind, I am not entire sure of the intent - the markings may very well be intended as a kind of linear bike box, allowing riders a clear path to move up to the intersection when the light is red. Thoughts? Would you slot into the green lane when traffic was moving, or would you occupy one lane or the other for the short distance it takes to reach the intersection?


  1. Given that the right-hand lane is a "controled turn" lane, a cyclist should occupy the bike lane and/or the left-hand lane. (I'd opt for using a portion of the left lane, exercising my right to use a vehicle lane…)


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