Another Crossroads

Can photos ever be shared too far after the fact to become useless? I don't think so, you just find a new use for them. This one was taken two weeks ago during an evening Cross Town Loop. I didn't post it at the time, even though I liked it, and the more time that passed, the less likely it appeared that it would see the light of day (or the front page of this blog). But then I thought...

I thought about how things here have taken another turn, almost a complete u-turn. I mean when was the last time I mentioned anything about a pro race of any kind - no Spring Classics, no AToC, no Giro (although the last two stages, if I can mention them now, were quite exciting). I have not been out to a local crit, or any other road race since the Roger Millikan Memorial way back in February. (Whoops, I forgot SDSR. Well everything else is still true). It has taken a while, but in the four years since I changed from the Claremont Cyclist to the CLR Effect, I have come to realize that going to races every weekend possible to take photos, has meant that I have, out of necessity, missed a lot of good rides. Since I have come to accept that my "racing career" is over, I expect that this "retreat" to a more local endeavor will continue. There will still be some race coverage (mostly mountain and cross), but in the end, it is all about more bicycling events, more riding, more miles. See you out there.