2016 Long Beach Bike Fest: A Kaleidoscope

How many people like the same thing all the time? Beside Republicans, I don't think anyone does. Shredded wheat every morning just gets dull, boring, bland. I realized what I really appreciate about events like the Long Beach Bike Fest is the diversity on display. You can go to a weekend crit and see roadies everywhere you look. Ever been to a mountain bike race devoid of knobbies and suspension? Of course not. The beauty of the Long Beach Fest is that you've got your roadies, your mountain bikers, crossers, fixed-gear riders, cruisers, commuters, dog haulers, kid karriers, custom bike-hearse builders, even the odd non-cyclist who gets drawn in to see whats happening, and end up leaving as a convert. Everyone mingling, intermingling, countermingling, experiencing new things, exposed to different ideas, and not getting all snooty because someone is racing in cut-offs rather than lycra, or riding a couple hundred dollar Schwinn rather than a multi-grand Willier. It is the type of thing where it is fun to watch the competition of city cross, grab some lunch at Utopia, sit back and watch a world of difference stroll, ride, run, cruise past, then join the crowd storming the barricades when the Wolfpack Hustle brings their race out into the street. The way forward is pretty short and narrow when the view is confined.

In addition to the few photos here, you can check out some more in the Flickr album.