Ibis Nights: Prophetic

No, look again, it says prophetic, not pathetic. Although the inglorious version might be appropriate as well. Let me take you back in time, sixty-seven minutes in the past. I was in the homestretch, three short turns away from the door. I was hopeful there would be dinner there. Rounding the park is when I spotted him headed toward the first of those three turns. He was Buzz Lightyear; though shorter than I would have expected, I knew he was the real deal - it was too light out for it to be Halloween after all. Instantly I thought "wow, pretty cool seeing him just out for a walk in the neighborhood." But then he turned and saw me coming down the street. I caught a little gleam in his eyes, with just the hint of a smile. Or sneer. His arms went straight out from his sides, and with them those wings with the flashing lights on their ends. That short little Buzz took off at a run, and the challenge was thrown. I had some momentum built up on the bit of down hill street, but when I tried to pick up speed, the legs had nothing left; all the slow and go accelerations the Cross Town Loop had dished up left them depleted. It was, yes, pathetic - nipped at the line by a short little Buzz Lightyear. 

No one wants to talk about those moments, but you know, you will always get the truth here.

Prophetic - was it not just last week that I implored you to enjoy Powerline while you could? Why yes, I think it was. And just like that it has been graded. Or at least half of the distance has, the service road portion between towers. The opening portion is still good as gold - I guess the utility trucks access the area from a different entry now.