2016 US Cup / Kenda Cup, Bonelli Park

Though they were out there during the Cat 3 race, I am not sure they were each from the same age class, but the three racers shown in the sequence above showed the competitive spirit by sprinting to the finish of their race. That spirit can be difficult to capture in photos during a mountain bike race because, by nature, the races tend to break apart quickly over the ups and downs and roughness of the terrain. Make no mistake, however, it is there, sometimes outwardly apparent, while other times it lies in wait. Get two or more racers together, or in close proximity, and the spirit of competition will rise to the surface.

From about six hundred fifty photos a selection of ninety are in the Flickr album. All are from the Cat 3 and Cat 2 races on Sunday. No pros this time, and it you don't see who, or what, you were looking for in the album let me know and I shall look through the rest to see what I can find.

These teammates blew the Cat 2 race apart on the very first lap.