2016 NAHBS: The Brodie Whippet

Yup, I still have some of NAHBS stuff to show. Paul Brodie has been turning out bikes for more than twenty years, first tagging them with his own name (Brodie Bikes) and most recently, as Flashback Fabrications. Since 2010 Brodie has been teaching a frame-building class at the University of Frazier Valley, in British Columbia (the Whippet was being shown at the UFV booth). His piece-by-piece recreation of the 1888 Whippet is one of the most curious, if not interesting, hand-built bikes you could ever hope to see, and gives a whole new meaning to the term "full suspension."

Rather than regurgitate a bunch of information that someone has already had the pleasure of writing about this bike, I will simply direct you to a story at mtbr.com, and another at Flashback Fabrications from the 2012 NAHBS which contains many further links to information about the Whippet.