Young Guns of NAHBS: Schön Studio

Schön Studio, in Toronto, Canada builds more than Bicycles - everything from furniture to commercial fixtures to art. With the amount of fun built into this bike, I would like to see what they do with those other fabrications. 

Does anyone not see sickeningly sweet candy here?  I just can't quite decide what it is running down the tubes, out the bottoms of the fork and stays. Laffy Taffy, or some kind of bubble gum syrup, maybe? Those were my immediate thoughts. Maker, Danielle Schön, however, will tell you donuts were the inspiration. As dramatic as that hot pink color may be, there are other elements to take note of: For the first, look to the drop outs. That is not a single piece at the bottom of the fork - the pink fork bottom, tapered to match the blade, was dropped down through the blade tubing, and welded in place. Lugs are hand carved.

I am not sure if the pink accentuates the stainless steel, or the other way around, but they certainly play off one another spectacularly. This is about as "showy" as a show bike can get.