This Bud's for You, 23 March: Texas Toast & Burgers

First was the Texas Toast with that thick buttery garlic spread; it lasted about four houses. A half mile later were the burgers, grilling outside; they were not as pungent, or maybe the breeze was blowing the wrong way, but after two houses their scent was gone. Oh wait, that's not what this post was supposed to be about. Sorry for the momentary distraction there - the ride home almost made me forget what I was doing.

You know if stuff like this continues to happen during the year, I am going to have to report someone to the improper authorities. What stuff? You know, the riders who come through the finish ahead of the bunch, acting all like they are out front, like they have been away for half a lap, and not just holding off the charge, but widening the gap with each wheel rotation. Man, those Bicycle Friends riders, in their bold colors, are some of the worst offenders. Relegation! Anyway, once I disregarded the quartet of fake winners I, and a handful of spectators settled back down to await the real charge to the line. As you will notice, they were barely able to keep ahead of the sun which was making one heck of a chase (I have the singed brows and arm hair to prove it). Out of that glare emerged one rider ahead of the rest; approaching the line the victor's gap was big enough that he could accelerate from the saddle, while those behind rose to sprint for second.