The Eight Hundred

Word has it that 800 registered racers will converge on San Dimas, and surrounding areas this weekend for the 2016 San Dimas Stage Race (SDSR). That is a load of racers and bikes and, even at that number, there are still a few open spots.

Over the past month or two I have found myself wavering on my annual commitment to be there - with the US Cup making its stop in Fontana, and the High School League jumping over the Castaic, it is a huge weekend for bike racing. If those are not enough, SoCalCross has got their Gravel Trofee Series of off the beaten path adventure rides, this one heading into the Santa Monica Mountains from Pedalers Fork. How to choose?

One of my favorite photos from last years' SDSR is the ringing of the bells on Heckler Hill, during the Saturday road race, in and around Bonelli Park. I will certainly make SDSR at least one day, and would really like to get out to Castaic on Sunday, so it is looking, right now, as if the US Cup is odd man out. What ever the ultimate decision I expect there will be a lot of bell ringing going on around me, so if you are there (whichever there, there is) don't forget to bring, and ring, your own.