In a Word, Water

We have not had a particularly wet year up to this point, so I am not sure what is going on, and I can not recall having ever seen so much water at Bonelli. And I am not just talking about Puddingstone Reservoir, where a good wake from a passing stand-up paddle boarder will have water lapping up over the lowest of the piers. The one stream crossing, at the end of the jungle, is bank to bank with standing water. Be ready to swim, it is impossible not to get wet in the attempt. There is even a new stream flowing down from the highest point in the park, through narrow little canyons, over waterfalls, and on towards the 10 freeway and Pomona. I actually followed this one up to the point where it comes out of the hillside, like a spring, where never a spring has sprung before. A bit disconcerting really because I am pretty sure there is an underground water tank up there, capped with concrete, which may have sprung a leak.

If we end up getting all the rain this afternoon and tonight (and I hear it beginning to come down now) tomorrows US Cup / Kenda Cup racing is going to be a muddy, wet and wild affair - potentially ideal for photos, in other words. I didn't notice too many riders out dialing in the course, but mechanics were doing mechanical things, washing down bikes, or just standing around talking. Most of the big teams were already set up. It is going to be good.