Bungle in the Jungle

There is no sign that all the extra water in Puddingstone is going down any time soon. The usual crossing of the slough through the Jungle is in the background of the photo above and, at its deepest, the water reaches up over the 29er hubs. It is also too wide to span with a bunch of fallen limbs and washed up reeds. All this new water puts a real crimp in plans to riding a full loop around Bonelli. Today a walker directed me to a bridge "they" had built. It is about as funky as a bridge can get - the logs and branches bob up and down, and the reeds are more an impediment than a help. There was a bit of a line to cross, and I waited my turn watching a couple guys very slowly, and very wobbly make their way from one bank to the other, bikes hefted on their shoulders. I kept waiting, expecting the splash, but it never came. Eventually I got to go, and opted to push my bike through the water beside me, a goofy walking tripod, but at least quicker than those other two guys, with no worries about creating a splash.


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