A Yellow Flush

You like the color yellow? You like riding? Now is the time for both. The time to ride along the SGRT above Santa Fe Dam, because it it there in great force. If I happen to be there on the ol' yellow Basso - an extra dose of brightness.

Later, as I passed by the great white splotch (no, not Donald Trump) that used to be Spongebob Ghostlypants, and then a few names scrawled on the ground a short distance later, I wondered if taggers, especially those who just do the name thing continued their narcissistic habit into old age. I mean, is someone's grandmother out there leaving a moniker like Granny Apples on the walls of some town or city?

Anyway, that was a temporary, and passing thought; mostly I was just glad to be out in the crisp, bright morning. With a maximum speed clocking a relaxed twenty-three miles per hour, the only pushing today came when I turned a certain direction and the morning breeze provided an assist. If I had brought the fixings for coffee, it would have been the perfect opportunity for one of those rides that Pondero likes to do. I kind of wish my thoughts had been ones of greater substance, but then, maybe it was not the day for those, and that is just fine.

Enjoy your weekend.