2016 NAHBS: Black Sheep Maybe, But Head of the Class

So yeah, you probably are not buying a bike based on its headbadge, but I have to think that if we did there would be Black Sheep all over the place. Show me a maker that consistently creates custom badges that are as unique as those made by James Bleakley. Go on, show me. I guess that is fitting really, because Bleakley's bikes are pretty darned unique as well. Bleakley has extensive, and lengthy, experience with metal fabrication, both within and out of the bicycling industry. That experience dates back to the early 1990s when he first began building for Boulder Bikes. Later, welding for makers like Da Vinci, and Dean allowed him the opportunity to perfect the craft. At the same time there was Black Sheep which, since 2008, has demanded his full attention.

As you may infer after looking at the photos, titanium is Bleakley's preferred material to build with, though steel is the other option. Check out Black Sheep Bikes, all of which are hand made in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Belt drive for the road, and those curves - oolala. Custom built rack made specifically for this bike, and that fender - wow.

Fat bike with leaf fork, claimed to provide up to 40mm of travel. Under twenty-six pounds.

Bleakley and crew.

There's that custom fork again.

Or, if you want more rigidity, you can always go with a truss fork - this one on a fully stocked fatty.

This bison head headbadge graces a 36er. I dig the bottle too, a big bike needs a big bottle.