When We Were Free

The guys of Los Lobos sing a song called When We Were Free:

"I can feel that moment
That so tender moment
When we would run and laugh and play
We'd sing about it
Even shout about it
Didn't care about what they would say
It was all we wanted
All we needed
And never had to feel afraid
I can almost touch it
Can almost hold it
Now slipped so ever far away
We forgot that moment
That so precious moment
And let this world steal it from you and me
I remember you playing
Remember you laughing
So long ago when we were free."

To that I have a two word rebuttal:

Mountain Biking

saddle high, and more, already



Herbert and the flower

If you are at Southridge USA tomorrow, I will see you there, but wherever you are have a great weekend. It is going to be an amazing one.