Map to the Silver Fish

Map to the Silver Fish; sounds like it could be some sort of treasure map and, I guess, in some ways that is exactly true. If you took the time to read the post that this map goes with, you probably gathered that I consider the area pretty special.

The tri-colored zig-zaggy line shows the Silver Fish Trail from between White Saddle on the west, and the Morris Reservoir in San Gabriel Canyon to the east. The green portion is traversable (with some effort) between White Saddle and Stone Cabin Flat. This section was, at one time, roadway, albeit in dirt form - it is now, for the most part, single track, wide in places but certainly not road. The orange section is also, or was, dirt road. Though easily accessible from Highway 39, I have never ridden this section, so don't know what its condition is, or whether it is passable for its entire length. The long middle section, shown in black, is the great unknown. It was never anything more than a trail and has probably grown more challenging over the passage of time and lack of visitors.

So there you have it. If you were to start at Monrovia Canyon Park, ride up to White Saddle and then, if you could, ride the entire length of this trail it would make for quite an outing, a real day in the saddle.