2016 KMC Chain Winter Series #4: Carving

Even though he is young, racing with the Under-18s, Turner Conway (Fullerton Bicycles) may very well carve the downhill side of a mountain better than anyone who comes out to race the Southridge XC course during the KMC Chain Winter Series. So I was bummed when the best photo I could manage of him today was this:

Well, at least his right sock seems to be in focus. Focus. And confidence - I bet those two factors account for much of Conway's success. His slicing wheels carve into this trail much as a chef's filleting knife might be used to create culinary artistry, or a surfer to descend along the front of a wave. Brute manhandling will only get you so far. The best know how to read and feel, then match those sensory aids with experience and instinct to flow with seeming ease.

Shooting a race like this affords the opportunity to understand, and study, the different techniques and abilities among riders. The pros and elites, as you would expect, ride with a finesse that, quite frankly, I find enviable. Like my numerous ill-fated attempts at learning Spanish, this is a lesson that seems untranslatable to my own riding. Ah well, at least I can admire the skill that it (level of riding) requires.

Results, sure:

Pro Men: 1st, Nic Beechan, 2nd, Barben Emilien, 3rd, Alfred Pacheco; Veteran Pro: 1st Stuart Gonzalez, 2nd Romolo Forcino, 3rd, Cesar Mora; Expert Men U18: 1st, Turner Conway, 2nd, Brian Kennedy, 3rd, Tydeman Newman; Expert Men 30-39: 1st Adam Poytress, 2nd, Benjamin Goyette, 3rd, Jeff Welch; Expert Men 40-49, 1st Todd Booth, 2nd Ken Smith, 3rd, Chris Layton; Expert Men 50-59, 1st Jeff Jacobson, 2nd Ken Winston, 3rd Randy Liechty; Expert Men 60+: 1st, Jon Miller, 2nd, Jonathan Livesay; Open Women: 1st, Jenny Landis, 2nd, Micah Mason, 3rd, Keturah Ursua; Sport Men U18: 1st, Cody Conde, 2nd, Cade Calonder, 3rd, Cole Fiene; Sport Men 19-29, 1st ,Jeremy Lasater, 2nd, Scott Lillis; Sport Men 30-39: 1st, David Hernandez, 2nd, Ryan Rebick, 3rd, Oleg Shalygin; Sport Men 40-49: 1st, Jon Davis, 2nd, Frank Pleitez, 3rd, Chad Smart; Sport Men 50-59: 1st, Ron Freibrun, 2nd, Cary Bren, 3rd, Eric Zook; Sport Men 60+: 1st, Rich Fersch; Beginner Men 9-10: 1st, Aria Turner, 2nd, Mason Kroepel; Beginner Men 11-12: 1st, Raulito Gutierrez, 2nd, Grant Mitchell, 3rd, Hunter Kroepel; Beginner Men 13-15: 1st, Breven Murrill; Beginner Men 16-18: 1st Kevin Trystad; Beginner Men 19-29: 1st Mario Mojica; Beginner Men 30-39: 1st Dan Eckman, 2nd Mark Gabot, 3rd Eder Estrada; Beginner Men 40-49: 1st James Conaway, 2nd Jeff Barlow, 3rd Arno Gaarthuis; Beginner Men 50-59: 1st Toby Henderson; Beginner Women U18: 1st Shelby Kawell, 2nd Jaidah Baubeng, 3rd Jordyn Baubeng; Beginner Women U34: 1st Dixie Owens; Beginner Women 35+: 1st Martine Bouma; Over 200 Club: 1st Paul Shank, 2nd Zak Kroepel, 3rd Eduardo Ledezma.

First over the summit, Nic Beechan, was also first across the line after three laps. Oh, and I believe I heard that his was the fastest time (1:10:59) ever for the three lap race. Fast.

The Biking Viking, James Conaway, descends along the high line.

Where's the chicken line? That's what I need.

I can't believe we are already down to the final race of the series, but now, with the end of February approaching, that is where we stand. See you at the final race weekend, two weeks from now. One hundred forty photos are in the Album, and as usual, there are many more similar ones outside of the album, so if you don't see who, or what, you were looking for let me know and I will see what I can find.