Cycling Claremont: Farm Fresh Produce

You don't need to wait for the Sunday farmers' market to get your farm-fresh produce. If your rides take you west along Foothill you may have noticed this sign in the planted median between the main Boulevard and the little frontage road. Looking around you may have noticed a church, a couple banks, Dale yelling at you to lube your squeaky chain from the front of the Velo across the street. First, I bet you never knew that chain was so loud, and second, you are looking for something that cannot be seen from the street.

What you are looking for is Uncommon Good's Whole Earth Building, located behind the Methodist Church. There, Monday thru Saturday, you can find fresh, organic, locally grown produce grown at the Fiddleneck Family Farms in the cities of Claremont, Pomona, Ontario, and Covina. I don't think there is any guarantee of what you will find, but you can help to narrow things down by considering the growing season. You know - strawberries in the spring, summer corn, winter squash, etc. Check them out for your next special meal. Or maybe you cook good stuff all the time.

The Cycling Claremont series of posts highlight some of the local businesses I have been known to frequent because I like what they offer, because they are bicycle friendly, or because they provide something unique or interesting, and which visitors to Claremont may also like.