Capitol City

Gawd, there are people on cool bikes all over the place. And it almost didn't happen. Friday was as close to the "drive of hell" I ever want to experience. Breakdown on the I-5 in the middle of, well what might as well have been purgatory. It seemed to take far too long for the tow truck to arrive. Arrive it did though, but the 24 mile drive to the nearest AAA-approved repair shop put me seventeen miles over my seven mile limit - and an extra $112.00 tacked on to the weekend tab. Alternator, not the battery as I had hoped. Won't be able to get it fixed until Monday. Guess I will be missing a day of work next week. Son of a... 
Working from back home in Claremont, the Mrs. scrambled to locate a rental company with an available car, then faxed them the information they required. Alright back on the road. Six hours later than I had expected to arrive I had made it into Capitol City. After listening to my tale of woe, the hotel sent up a couple bottles of brew to help with the agony (Sheraton Grande Sacramento - I thought the courtesy required a shout out). Things are starting to look up. 

Have a good weekend folks. Expect a lot of photos and write ups of cool bikes, and biking in downtown Sacramento, here over the next few weeks.