Upcoming: Crossed Up at Corriganville

I reckon you've taken notice by now - the latest wanted poster is out, riders will be moseying, or riding hell-bent, on over to Corriganville, for this years' SoCalCross Fever Winter Series Finale (Sunday 24 January). It has been a while since so much cowbell was last heard ringing through those rocky draws. It'll be a different sort of stampede, sure 'nough, but just as big a shindig as you could wish for at the end of a long season.

I have already told of Corriganville, straight out of an old [Hollywood] western, how it has hosted some cx and mtb racing action in the recent past. Good to see it returning once again. If you'll pardon me now ma'am I'm off to work on my lingo, and catch phrases, in anticipation of the big day.