Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village

With the racing season commencing in earnest next weekend - the Icebreaker Grand Prix (at a new venue), and the first of the KMC Chain Winter Series weekends at Southridge - this first weekend of the year presented itself as one last opportunity for calm before the storm. And, with up to six inches of rain forecast over the next few days, there was extra incentive for people to get out, while the getting was still good. Sure, there were the usual suspects circling the block, looking for that elusive parking spot, but there were plenty of others who avoided that ritual by riding into the Village, or walked in.

The Ibis and I rolled the Cross Town Loop where I saw Patrick, Full Circle and a bunch of Incycle riders heading up the Mt. Baldy Road. It must have been a relatively short ride since I, later, saw Mr. C rolling back through the Village. David and Sean of the new shop, Sunset Cycles came through on their way to the Cheese Cave, which I thought was especially cool - one small, local business supporting another. Talked briefly with a rider over by the Last Drop Cafe about a damaged Peugeot locked up there, listened to some tunes strummed and sung by one of several street musicians around town, waved to a little gal who seemed very smitten by the green of the Hakkalugi and in general, made a good show of enjoying this one last day of the holiday week.

track standing at the intersection of Second and Yale. Clouds were incoming, but Baldy was so close that, with the right stone, it could have been hit with a good wind-up

as I sat drinking a coffee, guy on a brand new Linus rode by. I guessed it came from Sunset Cycles. When David and Sean rolled by later, that was confirmed.

a little Sunday morning music

Michael K., an original Claremont Cyclist

the family that rides together...

bright color at the artisans end of the market

there they are, cruising through the farmers market - David and Sean of Sunset Cycles

fewer leaves in the trees, now that it is January

bundled up



"Inside Out", the new mural at Pitzer (more on it later)