Cycling Claremont: Inside Out

"Inside Out" by Emelia von Saltza, Marie Fleming, John Kalapos, and Libby Reyff

"This mural attempts to honor the intersection of the Prison Industrial Complex and Environmental Injustice… this piece aims to challenge the present, conventional environmentalist framework on campus - instead, embracing one that views the natural environment and the social environment as one ecosystem in need of justice."

"On a compositional note, the black and white color palette serves as a stark contrast against Pitzer's colorful campus and neighboring murals. The simplicity aims to criticize the current 'black and white' framework of traditional Environmental justice that neglects to see beyond the surface. The two-dimensional rendering of this black and white image implies the need to further examine missing and substantial nuances in the current static discourse of environmentalism. We intentionally reference Pitzer using the school's traditional orange color, as well as the signature tree, calling on students to question and reinterpret their complacent role in matters of Environmental justice."

There are four additional paragraphs of descriptive text, but um, yeah, I'm not going to spend the time typing them out here. But, hey, you can check the mural and information yourself by riding on over to Pitzer College when you have some free time - look for it in the Holden Garden.