Nash, The Multi-disciplinarian

A four day trip to Tahoe, arriving in the middle of a snow storm, sick as a dog the whole time, and only managed to wander outside for a few hours on Christmas Day. No Nordic skiing for me, not even any fat biking. Not what I had envisioned leading up to the holiday, but such are the twists of life. The one day outside was to send the family off on a cross country ski adventure at the Tahoe Nordic Ski Center. Once they were on their way, and before I tottered  back into the warmth of the lodge, I checked out the big map of the trails, and what appeared to be a listing of champions for a race.

I was amazed, but hardly surprised, to notice that the most recently listed (2013) women's champion of the Great Ski Race is the, one and only, Katerina Nash. Cyclocross, mountain bike, road, and Nordic. Anything else? A lot of people pick one activity and focus the heck out of it; some people possess enough talent to win across multiple disciplines. It has me looking forward to the upcoming race season.