Monday Blues: Tumbled

Truth is, I have never fallen prey to a tumbleweed, things are not that hopeless. I just needed a spin for the Monday Blues, so when this tumbling weed appeared in my path I saw the opportunity. Hey, if candidate Trump can fabricate his own truths for his own ends, what is to keep little ol' me from doing the same. All the recent (and older) posts about not being able to clear certain stretches of trail, while being possessed of some truth also lean, just a bit, toward the fiction. I mean I have cleared all those stretches before; only a mental block, a vision of failure keeps me from doing so each pass. On the road, fifty-mile per hour descents, are slipping so far into the past as to become incidents of myth and legend, not to be repeated. I don't know if it is due to some sort of cyclist PTSD resulting from a lifetime of crashes and near misses, or caution brought on by age and responsibility. Maybe something else entirely, or a combination of factors.

Many riders balk at certain obstacles (heck even riding the streets is a fearful obstacle to many) and might find the knowledge of experience useful - my question then is, what cycling-related obstacle have you overcome, and how? Did you attempt it over and over again, until getting it right, until practice made perfect? Did you slowly make your way to success, like climbing a ladder, one step at a time, increasing the challenge until, voila, you one day did it? What about hypnosis to overcome a fear?

Lets hear your story.


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