Its a New Start

It is the last day of the year 2015. Seven days ago, following a hellish twelve hour drive (yes 12) I arrived at Lake Tahoe in a raging snowstorm, feeling beat down and a little feverish. It didn't take long to realize that the next few days were going to be a complete wash out; the rest of the family had a, mostly, good time and so, though in the grip of misery, I could still find some satisfaction in their enjoyment. Besides, I had taken the entire next week off work, and could look forward to all that free time. Well, it has now been four more days of forced-inactivity - the best, the only, good thing to come of it is being able to read through the latest book on David Brower; the others I received for Xmas still at Auntie D and Uncle E's snow-encased house at Tahoe, forgotten in an addled state of mind. In the immortal words of friends from some old Scouting days, such are the "breaks of life".

Still, four wasted vacation days. Son of a … Well, things could be worse. I am ready for something to change and, after all, that is what the New Year is all about. Change. For me, I look forward for finally ridding myself of this bug that has been chased from my lungs, and is now cornered in my head. Then I can begin to think about bikes again. Riding. 

You know, 2015 was probably the lowest mileage year I have had since graduating from university nearly thirty years ago. I am not envious of that statistic. For someone who regularly touts the health benefits of riding as among the many reasons to do so, I am aware of the irony.

Any time of the year could be the right time for a change, to start something new, start riding more, start riding period. It does not need to be at the New Year, but if this transitional time makes it easier, grasp it and run with it, or ride. I look forward for more opportunities to see each of you out and about, on the road and trails, during the year 2016.