Hidden Bonelli: Life and Death Atop BEverest

Standing atop the summit I surveyed the distant views, taking each direction in their turn - West, South, East, and finally, North. Bonelli's boundaries were pretty clearly defined; a hill here, a freeway there, the dam, it was one of those "big picture" type of views. As far as I could tell, this summit was the highest point in the park. A few others might have been close in elevation, but this one appeared to be the pinnacle; the plane created and projected outward from my eyes detected none higher. This was, indeed, the Everest of Bonelli - BEverest, if you will.

In somewhat fitting fashion, I suppose, I had passed along the shores of two small lakes, crossed a stream, rode through a jungle, and a copse or two of pines. I don't believe the approach to Everest suffers from the proximity of multiple freeways, but the din from the nearby network is clearly discernible from the top of BEverest. Being in plain view, I guess this is not quite a hidden Bonelli feature, but it didn't seem as though many riders make the ascent - I couldn't discern any single track trail dropping off the concrete cap at the top, though I would have expected the dh guys to have been all over this one.

Nothing to make you feel alive like a good breathless, muscle-searing climb to a summit. It wasn't Everest, it wasn't even Potato, but on this day BEverest was just fine. Find your peak and make it happen, it is turning out to be a great weekend to ride.