Hidden Bonelli: The Fatt Hill Shell Midden

Well, technically and from an anthropological perspective, it is not an actual midden since that implies some correlation to human activity. Unless someone hauled a bunch of bucketfuls of beach shells from the coast all the way over here for a little clam bake, I think it is safe to assume these scattered remains are the result of earth upheaval and more recent erosion. If you have ever thrown the Fatt Hill loop into your ride at Bonelli you may have seen this congregation of white shell littering the ground - its spread is pretty extensive and hard to miss; unless you always ride in a speed vacuum where everything around is a blur.

I don't know enough to recognize these as either fresh or salt water shells, but it is still a fun little geology lesson to realize this hill was underwater at one point, and that over unknown millennia has been raised to the height it is now.