A Good Day to Ride

Yesterday was a good day for mountain biking, huh? By my rudimentary, finger, method of counting I tallied two high school league teams, and one good-sized group representing Serious Cycling, sharing the trails at Bonelli Park this morning. So lets see, thats pinkie, ring finger, and middle finger. Yup, three. Then there was Javier and his friends, who just had to pass me at the one point where I was, again, pushing the bike up a rocky steep. The same rocky steep Javier caught me walking a couple weeks ago. The same rocky steep that I know my mind makes worse than it actually is. At this rate he may wonder if I ride at all. Ah well, I expect this is just the beginning, and there will be many more weekends when I spot high school teams at the Park, working on building strength and technique, preparing for the upcoming season of races. Technique, good thing to work on. And, if you were wondering, yes every one of those high school rider rode the section I walked. Dagnabit.

A well, there is always today, another good day to ride.