Upcoming: Palms to Pines River Ride

One of my favorite rides seemed to disappear from the calendar this year. Every time a new LACBC newsletter arrived I checked it. But there was nothing, nor were there any emails from ride organizer, Jon. It was a riddle (pun intended, sorry Jon), I just couldn't figure out on my own. Surprise. I received an email at the end of last week with a gratifying explanation. Ride leader, and author of Where to Bike LA, Jon Riddle, let me know that those monthly rides, temporarily suspended so that he could devote time to training as a California Bicycle Coalition ride leader, will be returning. First up is the Palms to Pines ride along the San Gabriel River Trail, this upcoming Sunday. Starting at El Dorado Park in Long Beach (site of SoCal's only UCI ranked cyclocross race this very same weekend), the ride will take the salmon's way, upstream to the mouth of San Gabriel Canyon, before turning around and returning to El Do Park where you may be able to catch the elite races at the end of the day. 

scene in Griffith Park from last years LA-Roubaix ride, hosted by Jon Riddle

If interested check out the Palms to Pines River Ride info on the Facebook event page.