The Rock and Sand Club Loop Today: Woe is Me

Well, in light of recent events worldwide, my misfortune on the Rock and Sand Club Loop this morning was at best a minor inconvenience. But it was certainly not what I had planned, nor hoped for.

It was a beautiful day for a ride (or walk)

Short and sweet - one flat, one flat spare tube, two useless, empty tubes of vulcanizing glue, emergency glueless patches no-where to be found, and a nice walk along the dirt trails I would have preferred to ride. That slower pace allowed me time to compound the misery by noticing that the lake at Santa Fe Dam is absolutely disgusting - you will notice that sickly brown color of the water. It kind of looks like it is just along the shoreline, but that is just a trick of the light, the scummy water extends out into the lake. I say the County should close it down, drain it and clean it, just as the City of Los Angeles has done with some of their city parks. With no real inlet, and no outlet, the water just sits and percolates in the sun like some cesspool that people, never-the-less, swim and fish in.

Later during my unplanned walk I came upon a cactus with blue pads. Wondering why someone would paint them blue I took a closer look - I am not so sure it is paint, maybe some kind of disease, as much of the sprawling plant was rotted.

Before things took a turn for the worse, I came to a crossing of the San Gabriel River and, as you can see, there is water in the river. A lot of water. Woo-hoo! I love when there is a flow of water in the river.

CXLA on Saturday, Ganesha Hills Circuit 4 on Sunday. Have a great weekend.