Precision Fit Open House at Jax, Claremont

So Jonathan held a fun little open house event this evening, explaining to a standing room only group of cyclists, just how the new Precision Fit apparatus works. There was food, drink, and raffles at the top of every hour with jerseys, teeshirts, energy bars, lube and cleaning products, and grand prizes of a three hour session on the fit machine. It was informative, and a good time was had by all. Thanks for hosting, Jonathan Chang, and the Jax crew.

While Jonathan explained how everything worked

his volunteer pedaler had a beer pedaled. Oh what the heck, she did both very well.

Explaining how it all contributes to perfecting bike fit and set up.

Raffle time.

A whole bunch of Claremont Cycling Club people showed up,
but with the lens I brought I could only fit this many in the shot. Cheers.