2015 Turkey Trot Cross: The Wild Life

For the second time this season, the SoCal Cross Prestige Series returned today to the craziness that is Glendale's Verdugo Park. I am not sure what it is about this place, but races here seem to be a little more lively, a little higher in energy.

That gully, or drainage ditch, that runs along the base of the hills creates a rather abrupt, and jarring, transition - racers drop down the steeper hillside into a 'v' shaped bottom resulting in a frequent and clearly audible "clunk" if their choice of line is slightly inappropriate. Only once was that clunk the result of a wooly chewbacca-like creature dropping from the high branches of a redwood, and adhering itself to a startled racers' back. After that lone incident riders were wary and no more of the creatures were seen. However, I understand from a moderately reliable source, that Dot and Jeff may have enticed a few more, with bells and shiny baubles, from a lofty perch at the opposite end of the course, then shipped them straight away to the doorstep of J. J. Abrams. "His problem, not ours," Dorothy was heard to exclaim, as the ringing of cowbells was drowned by the grunts of wookie appreciation. An impromptu taxi, the Naked Juice truck didn't leave around noon because they were out of juice.

If that were not enough to enliven the scene, the racers contributed by dressing in everything from tuxedos and colorful vests, to wearing, clearly undercooked, turkeys on their heads, and racing on small-wheeled cargo bikes tempting, I suspect, the good-will and patience of their fellow course-mates of the moment.

A couple years ago, I believe it was, I described this race as being like a circus. Clearly it has not in the least cleaned up its act. Thankfully!

the Master, Monsieur Robert Paganini (volunteering today)

no, not the racers - the S.W.A.T.er

host team handicap?

the Wild Life

¿que? well, I am not sure this was the best bike for the circumstances
(that said, check out some more about this bike here)

what's on your back?

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