Eyes opened to light. What is this? A turn of the head revealed it was 7:39. No wonder it was so light. The Bicycle Friends would have begun their epical hundred mile loop through the eastern San Gabriel Mountains two hours ago. I would fool myself into thinking I could manage that, so never gave a minutes worth of thought to joining; fifty miles rides this year could be counted on a single hand, twice that would have likely been the end. By the time I rolled over and planted feet on ground digital time had flashed over to 7:40 - ten minutes too late to join the Dirty Chain Gang on their ride around Bonelli. 

So be it. A later start, a solo ride, a little more heat, I don't mind any of those. 


dwarfed by the cacti

Not a cloud in the sky to help hold back the heat today - another 100º day here, but still short of Camarillo's 108º - how is it we are cooler than the coastal plain? And the hills are beginning to turn green, yes green! Spring? No, Autumn. Are things confused, or what?

"Keep Cross Weird" a remnant message from last weekends Crosstitutes race

Thank goodness for the shade of the oaks (and pines), even these small ones. If not for them...

we would end up as sun-blasted as this sign.