Important People at Pappas Artisanal

Only the most important of people were there but, because I wore my "official" press hat, they let me in anyway. Lucky me, it was an event I didn't want to miss.

The event was an evening with food (Pappas Artisanal), brews (Golden Road), and vintage bikes and gear from various collections including those of a well-known local vintage authority, and from the collection of Coates Cyclery. Those reasons, plus getting together with friends, may have been the main attraction, but underlying all, the raison d'être was the opportunity to help others enjoy what we often take for granted - the ability to revel in a life lived in the great outdoors (isn't that at least a part of the reason we ride every day possible). All the work that went into creating the get-together, all the good will and good cheer that resulted, was an effort to raise funds for the Therapeutic Recreation and Outdoor Adventures Program at Casa Colina.

The little space of Pappas Artisanal, in La Verne, quickly filled as the evening got underway. Pints and half pints tapped from Golden Road kegs were quaffed, conversations swirled, grilled cheese sandwiches and fish tacos came from the Artisanal kitchen, while sliders grilled out on the patio, and in between it all bikes and gear were ogled. At the nights' half-way point, a raffle got underway mc'd by Chef Travis Flood (this, by the way, is not the first bicycle related benefit he has been involved in - very cool). The lucky people holding a winning ticket (not me) walked away from the evening with gear and accessories donated by, once again, Coates Cyclery. Three additional grand prizes rounded out this part of the festivities - two of them, a meal for ten at Pappas Artisanal, and a Pure City Cycles commuter - brought on a little bidding battle, while the third was a very fine trip to Hawaii.

If the amount of laughter and smiles are any indication of success, I have to believe everyone had a fun time, and that no one left disappointed. Turns out that everyone who showed up can count themselves as one of those most important of people, what do you know! Thanks go out to everyone involved. A few photos are below, and I may get around to putting a few more on the CLR Effect's Facebook page.

isn't it wild how everyone coordinated that white stripe across their clothing and arms?

the Lance Armstrong Caloi with autograph of some guy named Merckx

Steven F., the Authority

It would have been hard not to know you were at some kind of bicycle related event but when, out of the blue, you hear "Fausto Coppi's actual Bianchi from the Tour de France" rise from the conversation, it leaves no doubt.

Paired saddles of the Jack Taylor tandem

"special" raffle tickets for a Hawaii trip

some of the goods