Bikeshop Candids: JAX, Claremont

Not thirty seconds after I had leaned by bike against the front display case at Jax Bicycle Shop in Claremont (where I was conducting an interview about the Claremont High School Mountain Bike Team), owner Jonathan Chang rode in with a young customer. The two had just returned from a test ride. When I asked about the level of personal service, I was told that is was standard practice. Dang, I thought, that is darned good business. I mean, it might be one thing to let someone like me go out alone to test out a bike, but someone new or less experienced to cycling might greatly benefit from having an experienced shop owner with them - to answer all those beginner questions, point out errors, give helpful tips, etc. I had never witnessed, nor heard of a shop owner doing this, and it certainly made an impressive start to my visit. 

After that, I walked around the corner to see this brand new Precision Fit machine. The set-up comes complete with stop-motion camera, and certified mechanic to properly analyze your fit requirements. So, if you want to be fit for your next bike, you have this local option: Contact Jax Bicycle Center, Claremont for information.

Oh, and that interview, my real reason for stopping by, will be posted early next week.