How to Wear a Cycling Cap: Millar, Pino, Parra

Robert Millar, Alvaro Pino, Fabio Parra. 1986 Vuelta a Espana

Pino finished 1st G.C. that year (with one stage win), and with Millar on his heels in 2nd at 1:06. Millar won Stage 6 from Santander to Lagos de Covadonga, a summit finish in the north of Spain. Parra ended the three weeks and 3,666 kilometers in 8th at 7:44. I am not sure during which stage this photo was taken. I know it is not the stage Millar won, because he was not wearing dots at that time. Nor is it the individual time trial stage won by Pino. I have seen one reference to Abantos (Mt. Abantos), but nothing to confirm that the Vuelta visited that climb in 1986.