Dave Moulton is Coming to California

Former bike maker and all around cycling advocate Dave Moulton is kicking off a West Coast "Drinks with Dave" speaking tour with some late September greets in Oregon. From there he will be making his way south through Davis, Sunnyvale, San Luis Obispo, and finally, at the Chino Hills location of Empire Bikes on Monday the 12th of October at 5:00pm.

According to a recent blog post, the tour schedule is flexible and more appearances may be added as people, shops, organizations, etc express an interest - all you have to do is let him know. Check the West Coast Tour itinerary.

Though nearby, that Chino Hills get-together will be tough to make at 6:00 let alone by 5:00, but I will mark my calendar anyway, and who knows, maybe someone will host a greet more appropriate to the schedules of us working stiffs.