2015 Interbike: Art of the Helmet

Nutcase is known for their creative, fun helmet graphics while continuing to evolve structure and fit. In other words they are striking that balance, that I mentioned yesterday, between artistry and function. They have raised the helmet from humble purpose to creative expression allowing riders to pick a helmet to fit their personality.

one of the new "Unframed" helmets, this one the "Pakikibaka" by artist Jobert Cruz

Melon is another maker of the "urban active" lifestyle helmet. Much like Nutcase, the artistic expression of their helmets is unbound. Melon, a German company, has taken the art of the helmet a step further and created completely unique pieces through their "Arts of Cultures" competition - three of the painted helmets from the 2015 "Revierhelm" Arts Contest are shown below.

"Handprint" from Melon's "urban action collection"

"Earth Guardians" by Jürgen Heinrich Block

"Fortified relations" by Peter Helmke

"Trick 'n more" by Silvia Sziapka

As in the past, Nutcase brought in the artists of their new helmets to paint on site, the murals to be auctioned with proceeds benefiting World Bicycle Relief. Above, Jobert Cruz works on his mural during the Interbike show.

mural of Carla Bartow

Tiago DeJerk at work on his mural