2015 Interbike: Star Wars

At this point I don't believe that the ten most accomplished Jedi, masters in the use of the Force, could hold back the tide of Star Wars merchandise we are beginning to see. You are perhaps familiar with some of those cheap big box bikes; ugh, and enough said. Capitalizing on the popularity is not limited to those, however. Some highly regarded manufacturers have entered the profit reaping competition as well. Both C-Preme and Bell have introduced a line of Star Wars-themed helmets, and why not, I mean lets face it, the galaxy far far away is all about the helmet - from Darth Vader and his storm troopers, X-Wing fighters to Bobba Fett, heck even the rounded top of R2-D2. 

C-Preme's line are clearly intended for the youngest set, which makes sense, since most of their lineup is directed toward the younglings. The selections from Bell, on the other hand, would look stylish even atop my own noggin. The storm trooper downhill hat is stylish and functional with more vents than you usually see in a DH helmet. Not shown are a Darth Vader helmet and a Fett DH helmet.