2015 Interbike: Jeremy Van Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven brought the moves, and Kool-Stop provided the stage for the five time National Trials Champion to show those moves off.

After hopping up onto various height platforms, throwing tail whips around the place, and exhibiting some pretty impressive bike handling skills, Schoonhoven got down to the serious stuff - making everyone laugh.

He called for a volunteer.

While my hand reached for the ceiling, those of everyone else reached for the pockets.


The guy who was selected was quite surprised when everyone around him took a subtle step backward. At that point he didn't have much choice, it was time to step up, er, make that lie down. An up close and personal view of a bike bouncing over your mid-section and chest, whipping around inches from your nose are unnerving enough. When the front wheel of that funny looking, saddle-less bike, is used to spread your legs apart so that some guy can jump over your hoo-hoo and everything else you hold dear, well, thats sweatin' time for sure. Just look at everyone in the background - they're just glad its someone else, and not them.