2015 Interbike: Bikes, Part 3

Notice the textual length of these posts getting shorter? Yeah, there is not doubt, it is "bikery (bikes, components, accessories, and all the tom-foolery that goes with those) overload." Thankfully, short or not, this is the penultimate post, another miss-mash of bikes.

Folding bikes, like those by Dahon, continue to evolve with increased rigidity at the clamps, higher rated componentry, and even larger wheel sizes.

Norco. Whether a road bike, cross bike, or mountain bike, they not only catch my eye, I purposely seek them out now. Shown here, the Search (road) and Threshold (CX).

 An elegant looking pivot for something intended to be thrashed around in the dirt. Ellsworth Epiphany

Nino Schurter's Scott

The Co-motion Siskiyou - Reynolds 725 steel with, new for 2016, 650b through axles. My eyes were especially drawn to the stay "yoke". Rather than the tubular stays welded to the b.b. shell, as it typical, they merge into a "yoke" for added clearance.

The RX Team, by BH


When I noticed the way Lynskey are setting their name and model plates onto the down and top tubes, I thought, "wow, that is a nice touch of class". Then I remembered my right knee often rubs against the top tube and wondered if the raised lettering and set-screw / rivet heads would become an annoyance. I would probably take my chances just to own a Lynsky.

Alan - yet another Italian manufacturer of custom, handmade bicycles. Did you know that in 1972 they were the first maker to produce an all aluminum frame made from aerospace grade metal?