2015 Interbike: Bikes, Part 2

A few more bikes, for your approval, or not.

The BMC Gran Fondo GF01comes accoutered with Ultegra Di2. You know it is a nice bike, but I am showing it for another reason; one of the trends I took note of this year was a prevalence of flat, matte finishes. I kind of like the look in this case, but in others (primarily grey colors) the finish gave the impression of cheap plastic. Maybe it is just me, but I will be interested to see if it lasts more than a single season.

The Liv Lust. I notice quite a few out on the trails.

The Invite is another Liv bike. A season or two ago I would have called this a cyclocross bike, but these days "all road" or "adventure" seems to be a more common designation for anything that isn't "cross-specific". That said, does the clearance between tire and frame look a bit tight? Might be better in dry conditions, somewhat less so in mud?

Moots' very first mountain bike was named the Mountaineer. This prototype of the ultimate adventure bike was revealed ahead of a limited edition run to become available in early 2016, and is coupled with the 25th year YBB suspension.

Good to see the wide range of Yuba cargo bikes on display one again. Included was the Eurobike Gold Award winning Spicy Curry

The Rocky Mountain Altitude already allowed riders to ride as aggressively as nerves would let them. New for 2016 will be a 15% stiffer frame and BC2 (Bushing Concept 2) pivots which are oversized, lighter, and stiffer with grease ports for ease of maintenance.

Austiran company KTM has been building bikes since 1964 - road, mountain, cyclocross. You don't really see too many of them yet, but KTM dealers are coast to coast

The bike of Sir Bradley Wiggins